Our MVPs

In addition to our in-house staff, we also rely upon our MVPs to provide us with new recommendation information and updates. MVPs are subscribers to the site who seek a more active role in helping their fellow athletic-minded travelers. As some of our more frequent traveling customers, MVPs function as "in the field" reporters with a direct information-flow line to the editorial staff. As MVPs travel for work or leisure, they relay specific data and opinions on all things athletic-minded regarding: hotels, restaurants, health clubs, running routes, retailers, etc. Their thoughts and opinions are subsequently reviewed by the editorial staff and added to the site upon approval.

In addition to being able to contribute to the world of healthy travel, MVPs also receive free access to the site and other ongoing swag for their efforts.

If you would like to apply to become an MVP, please email us and we'll send you an application.

Marc Buxbaum

Marc Buxbaum has traveled extensively throughout the US as a pharmaceutical executive for the last 10 years, often spending 3-4 nights per week on the road.  His hotel choices are driven first by business need and a close second by finding great fitness options to feed his habit of training for endurance events from sprint to iron distance triathlons.  His philosophy is that whether on the road or at home, people rarely care where you are from 5-7am and this is a great time to get it done.  When he is not traveling for work or training, Marc enjoys most of all spending time with his wife and children.

Drew Magill

Drew Magill understands travel in more ways than one!  As Director of Marketing for a commercial airplane manufacturer, Drew traverses the globe meeting with customers, investors, suppliers and media.  Even in his leisure time, he often takes to the road with his wife and two teenage boys.

For Drew, fitness is a way as a way of life.  Workouts are just like eating and sleeping; you have to get them in to enjoy the rest of life. As an avid triathlete, he competes across all distances from sprint, Olympic, and half Ironman to the full Ironman.  And he wins!  During the 2010 summer, this uber-athlete won five races in a row!   He has even raced for Team USA (in Hamburg, Germany and Vancouver, Canada).  His favorite race?  Escape from Alcatraz.  His favorite hotel?  Hilton Frankfurt, discovered thanks to Athletic-Minded Traveler.  In addition to its up to date and large fitness center, Drew appreciates the legitimate lap pool.

Carri Bennet

Carri is Managing Partner for Bennet and Bennet, a Washington, DC, based law firm that concentrates in the telecommunications field. She and her firm represent wireless carriers, telephone companies, cellular carriers, PCS providers, and CLECs, before the FCC, state regulatory agencies, the courts and Congress. She is a nationally recognized expert on rural wireless issues and has been a key proponent for easing regulatory burdens that hinder small wireless companies.

Carri finds herself away from home on business three to four times a month on average--often for several days at a time. So, much of her exercising is performed while on the road. Carri's fitness pursuits are numerous with her most impressive achievement being holder of the "Fittest Female CEO in North America (2004)" title, after winning the female CEO division at Ironman USA.

Carri graduated cum laude from North Carolina State University and earned her J.D. from Catholic University where she also served on the Law Review.

Daryl Humphrey

Daryl Humphrey has been officiating basketball as a profession for 18 years. If you haven't seen his face on television while blowing the whistle on WNBA All-Stars such as Lisa Leslie, you will find him on the hardwood at SEC, Big 12, Big East, and other major conference women's basketball games.

An extraordinary athlete in his own right, Daryl pitched for the minor league New York Yankees and threw a no-hitter and a perfect game during an impressive high school baseball career. Now, he's content just staying in shape, but we all know that's not easy.

Surprisingly, Daryl doesn't believe that running up and down the basketball court during a game provides enough of a workout to stay in shape. So, he avidly uses and contributes to the site. When it comes to MVPs, he may be our most frequent "traveler"--get it? Think basketball pun.

Justin Dearborn

We gave Justin a ribbing over his grumpy photo, but trust us, he's all smiles when he can find hotels with good workout options during his frequent business travels.

Justin is CEO of Merge Healthcare, a NASDAQ-listed healthcare management solutions software company. He travels extensively for work to Europe, Asia, and throughout the U.S., and has more travel points, rewards, and miles, than he knows what to do with.

An avid strength enthusiast, basketballer, and elliptical-user, Justin is always on the hunt for a pick-up game or good hotel gym. He says he can still dunk, but we're not believing till seeing--a slam dunk action photo would be a good replacement.

Shawn Burke

Shawn works as the Director of Product Development for KLS Martin LP--a medical device company specializing in titanium implants for the reconstruction of severely deformed child and adult facial bones. Traveling nearly 100 days a year and spending hours on planes or in the operating room, he definitely looks forward to working out while away from home.

Shawn is a 5-time Ironman finisher, an 8-time Half-Ironman finisher, and has logged thousands of on-the-road training miles.

Jay Inouye

Jay is an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach (ATC/L, CSCS) working personally with Major League Baseball player Carlos Delgado.

He worked with the NBA's Vancouver Grizzlies in '96 /'97 and the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club from '98 to '05. He began his career with the Blue Jays as a minor league trainer and Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Coordinator, then was promoted to the Major League team in 2003. He has traveled to most American and National League MLB cities, as well as Venezuela for Winter Ball.

He completed his first triathlon in '87 and is a 6-time Ironman Finisher (Canada '89, '90, '91 and Florida '03, '04, '05).

Jay lives in North Vancouver, BC, with his wife Dana during the baseball off-season, Florida for Spring Training, Manhattan for Mets home games, and on the road for 81 away games.




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