Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple, "Always pack the workout shoes!"  Whether you're traveling on an overnight business call or to a vacation destination for a week, daily exercise and following a healthy lifestyle have been proven to provide numerous benefits. Consider that travelers who exercise while on the road perform 61% better on cognitive tests than their non-exercising counterparts. Also, exercise and a healthy lifestyle provide numerous physical benefits such as boosting your immunity system, reducing stress, and improving sleep.

We understand the challenges of following such advice, especially while traveling; we've been there. But our research and experience prove that healthy choices are easier to make when we have reliable information and recommendations at our fingertips. In other words, knowing is more than half the battle.

Motivating yourself to sweat for 30 minutes in the morning is much easier when you know that a true, state-of-the-art facility awaits in the hotel. Eating a hearty and healthy meal rather than settling for fast food is significantly more likely if you know about the popular local sushi restaurant or diner around the corner. With objective recommendations and comprehensive information provided by like-minded travelers at your fingertips, following a healthy and active lifestyle while on the road is a reality.

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