Our Expert Travel Recommendations portal is a ground-breaking travel information tool hailed as a necessary resource for healthy business and leisure travelers.


As extensive business and leisure travelers, we have repeatedly confronted the perils of trying to maintain a healthy and athletic lifestyle while on the road. Unlike home, where we have personal knowledge about things like good restaurants, a dependable health club, favorite running routes, and a familiar lap pool, our out-of-town journeys often force us to make uninformed or misinformed lifestyle choices. How often has that "state of the art" gym turned out to be a closet-size room with a few old machines? Or that "running route" map provided by the hotel concierge directed you through busy traffic intersections? Or hotel room-service been your dining default because you were unfamiliar with the nearby restaurants?

Frustrated by our own travel experiences, we embarked on a mission: To uncover the BEST places for healthy-minded individuals to stay, work out, eat, and enjoy while traveling across the World. Downtowns, major business districts, vacation hotspots, we visit them all to ensure that your (and our) healthy lifestyles will not be derailed.

Unlike many reference guides and travel sites that provide general information without suggestions, AthleticMindedTraveler.com only recommends. We eliminate the "crop" and provide frank opinions on the "cream" so your travel decisions are simplified. Further, our users know that the recommendations are coming from like-minded individuals who share a common interest in living a healthy and athletic lifestyle--unlike other travel sites where users have no sense of reviewers' backgrounds, experiences, or biases.


  • Recommendations specifically tailored to your interests and lifestyle
  • Hundreds of U.S. and international travel destinations covered
  • Full-time staff dedicated to continuously adding and updating new cities, properties, and recommendations
  • Real time updates of facts, figures, and recommendations
  • Detailed charts on fitness offerings (including equipment brands, models, pool dimensions, etc.)
  • 1000+ hotel recommendations with unique and detailed reviews not available elsewhere
  • Thousands of restaurant recommendations with unique descriptions
  • Health club, running route, lap pool, community center and other facility recommendations not available elsewhere
  • Photo images not available elsewhere
  • GPS Distance calculator and keyword search capabilities to efficiently find what you want/need and to learn its proximity
  • The ability for users to share opinions and information discovered through their own travel experiences
  • Maps and more maps--customized running/walking route maps that are printable and downloadable; area maps; city maps, etc.
  • Blog for the latest in healthy travel trends, topics, and expert advice
  • The only resource available dedicated to athletic-minded travelers

Stay Here

After scouring information on thousands of hotels and personally touring those that make our first cut, we uncover a variety of fantastic stay options. Our "Gold", "Silver", and "Bronze" hotel recommendations are the best of the best, divided into three price categories (Expensive, Moderately Expensive and Least Expensive). We evaluate accommodation quality, amenities provided, location convenience, cost, AND fitness options.

Since nearly all of our hotel recommendations have been personally toured by a member of the athletic-minded editorial staff, you can be assured that our recommendations are reliable and objective.

Work Out

Looking for a sweat beyond a hotel gym? In addition to hotel exercise facilities, we also recommend health clubs, community centers, YMCAs, yoga studios, lap pools, running routes, and more (even an ice skating rink or two)--all of which can be found in this section of the site. Our detailed running route descriptions include awesome printable/downloadable maps that highlight specific routes with mileage markers provided.

Eat Well

"Eating well" is our term for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and grocery options that are hearty AND healthy. Yes, we cover vegan and vegetarian spots. But, we also know that many of you athletic-minded travelers enjoy licking those fingers after a good barbeque meal, stuffing yourself at a tasty diner, or playing with chop sticks at a local sushi shop. So, because we recognize that our diets run the gamut from no meat/dairy to everything meat/dairy, you'll find a wide variety of favorite local eating options in this section of the site.

And we don't just limit our content to sit-down restaurants. Those familiar with Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and other healthy grocers will find them here as well. Local farmers' markets are another favorite of ours, so we list and describe them too. Bottom line, you'll be able to stay away from fast food and look beyond room service if you desire.

Gear Up

For those occasions when you're in an unfamiliar city and want to know the best place to rent a legitimate road bike or find a new running outfit, we've listed some of the most popular athletic retailers in cities across North America. Because we're particular about our recommendations, we just don't tell you about the nearest sporting goods super store. Mom and pop shops are given equal attention, as it should be.

Go Play

Surfing in San Diego? Skiing in Denver? Fishing in Madison? On your next business trip or vacation, if you want to learn more about a few athletic or outdoor activities unique to the destination, this portion of the site will help. Not only do we suggest things to do, but we also explain how to do them (i.e., where to rent equipment, get lessons, etc.).