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A Happy Ending

Not long ago, I wrote about an unfortunate incident involving a young, talented and very passionate soccer player. Well, the results are in and it's a happy ending!

I received this email a few hours ago. It's from Rocket's mom, Robin:

Hi Erin,
She made it!!!!! It was very tight and very competitive and right now I think Rocket is the luckiest girl in the world - at the end it was between her and five other girls for two spots on the top team and she got in. They had girls show up on the second day of tryouts who weren't there on the first day - girls from some of the top teams in so cal including Irvine Strikers (this year's State Cup champs) and So Cal Blues (they won State Cup in 2004). So she is over the moon right now, she gave everything she had and not even her former coach calling the Surf coach to bad mouth her dad kept her from getting her dream.

She will be traveling with the team next week for the Manchester United Cup in Beaverton, Oregon - a five-day tournament with the top 20 teams in the US invited to compete, sponsored by Nike and FIFA. The great thing is she has an opportunity to really grow as a player and play with the best - nine of her new teammates are on the Olympic Development team.

Thanks for your support in all this! We'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.

Take care and see you at yoga,

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