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Adding to our Athletic-Minded Team means more YOGA options

Early this summer we added a new team member--Becka Christian.

As a certified yoga teacher and practitioner, Becka has been significantly expanding our yoga studio content. Her objective over the next couple of months is to provide a yoga option in every city we cover. Hooray!

Additionally, because we are Athletic-Minded Traveler, we recognize that a studio needs to be "drop-in" friendly for road warriors. Bikram Yoga studios and CorePower studios meet this criterion, but we have also discovered other studios that meet our very picky qualifications.

Becka's reviews will tell travelers what they need to know before heading out:

Location Details: Yogis know that some studios are hidden in strip malls or other hard to find places. We provide parking information and other hints that will help you find the studio.

Vibe and Facility: Locker room situation, number of showers, type of practice room, etc. In some cases, we have pictures!

What's Provided: Whether mats, towels and water can be purchased/rented.

About the Yoga: Type of practice, about the classes, and the schedule.

Costs: How much for a drop-in and any rental costs for equipment.

So instead of sifting through myriad web sites trying to piece it all together, Becka has done it for you! And if Yoga isn't your thing, remember that along with healthy places to stay and eat, we also provide run route maps, and other places to work out such as health clubs, gyms, YMCAs, lap pools and community centers. Take a look at one of our free preview cities to see what we offer.

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