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AMT goes international!

Going international may not seem like a big deal. But for us, it has special meaning.

First, expanding our coverage outside the U.S. indicates that the site and our business model is succeeding. Back when our brainstorming for the content began, a number of cities that we wanted to cover were placed on hold for cost reasons--remember, our editorial staff travels to all destinations for personal tours of the hotel/health club recommendations. Although we knew cities like Toronto, Vancouver BC and Columbus OH, were important business travel destinations, we had to limit the city coverage until we began to generate enough revenue to justify additional travel expense. Thankfully, our hunch about this site becoming a popular resource for individuals and corporations was on target. We no longer question whether the site will take off. Thanks to our users, we'll be providing and expanding healthy lifestyle information for a long, long time.

Second, adding Toronto is significant because it acknowledges to our northern "neighbours" that we recognize it's not all hockey, beer, snow and caribou up above. Business travel is as much a part of the Canadian lifestyle as it is in the U.S. and each country plays a vital role in the economic well-being of the other. Cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa, are not only popular travel destinations for Canadians, but these business and cultural hubs are frequent stops for briefcase-toting Yankees as well.

Enjoy the new content and look for more cities to come soon!

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