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An Astonishing Obesity Fact

**Editor's Note: This post was edited in 2024.

Obesity is always a news topic in various forms, facts and figures.  But this fact, for some reason, made my jaw drop:

"86% of Americans are on their way to becoming obese by 2030." (Obesity, July 2008)

That statistic is now according to 2017-2028 data is 42.4% -- "have obesity." So clearly, Americans are WELL on their way to these sad stats. But We also need to recognize that these stats are based upon BMI and that measurement has weaknesses as we've posted about before.

Wow!  Reflect on that a moment or two.  By 2030, pretty much 9 out of 10 people you pass on the street will be obese.  And note, we're not talking about Americans who will be overweight.  This is about being OBESE, which by definition is 30 pounds overweight.  30 pounds!

Sometimes a number just can be a number without any personal context.  So think about 30 pounds in these terms:  one gallon of milk weighs 8 pounds.  Carry 4 gallons of milk around the house for a few hours and see how that extra weight makes your knees, ankles, back and circulatory system feel.  Let me tell you something's heavy.

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Those are sad statistics.

Those are sad statistics. People need to get out from behind their desks more, and get outside. There is no excuse not to exercise. There are plenty of tools out their to help people become mobile. I have seen people on all sorts of contraptions around my city. The new one is the GlideCycle. A local guy created it, and people with leg injuries, including amputees, have been running with it. Please get healthy. No one else can help you but you.

I just read that gastric

I just read that gastric bypass surgery can "cure" type 2 diabetes. A majority (the MORE Mag Article says 80%) of those with type 2 disease who get the surgery are cured...before even losing weight. It's unreal. But the article also says that the surgery is for those with BMI over 40 or 35 if there is another health issue. Here's the article link:

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