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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Over the past weekend a couple of us were in Los Angeles researching new venues, updating others, and adding photo images. Learning of the two feet of snow in New York, we were happy to be close to home and beneath the 80 degree sunshine of LA LA land.

Like Las Vegas, Los Angeles is one of those cities that each time I go, I wonder, "What unique experience am I going to have this time?" It's one of those destinations where the unusual is the norm (in a good way, of course).

After a day and a half of shooting and scribbling, I walked down to the Santa Monica beach for a few photos of our recommended running route. As Sunday was one of the most beautiful days in SoCal this winter, and it being a holiday weekend, you can imagine how the bike and running paths were packed with people out and about, enjoying their day.

I take my shots, and before I begin to walk away, I decide to absorb and appreciate the awesome setting for a few seconds--not a cloud in the sky, clear enough to see Malibu to the north, a comforting ocean breeze, and...wait, who is this coming toward me peddling a beach cruiser and out for a Sunday cycle with the masses? No, it couldn't be, could it? As he approached, my eyes confirmed what my brain was transmitting. Sporting sun glasses, gym shoes, casual beach attire, and riding a bike that was a couple sizes too small was none other than the Terminator (now Governator) himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! Before he passed by, Maria Shriver--on her own beach cruiser--set the pace in front. And not far behind Arnold, maybe 20 feet or so, rode two security personnel. I fumbled for my camera to get a shot, but their pokey pace was still a bit too quick for my fingers.

Forget about your political leanings for a second and just admit that it's pretty cool to know that the first couple of California, and one of the most powerful Hollywood husband/wife teams, bikes on the weekend just like the rest of us athletic-minded travelers.

Okay, true, we don't need two, 240 lb linebackers riding along our side, but that's a good thing.

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