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Athletic-Minded Traveler aboard ExpressJet Airlines

This spring, ExpressJet Airlines will break off from Continental to begin operations as a stand alone carrier and passengers will be able to get athletic-minded traveler content on board.

"XJet" will target "under-served" markets with non-stop service on 50-seat planes. That's right, all routes will be non-stop. As its name implies, the company will fly jets, not prop planes, and each will have leather seats, only window and aisle chairs (i.e., no middles), and free XM Satellite radio. Full-service meal options also will be offered on longer routes and snacks for the short hauls.

A total of 24 cities will receive XJet service to start with Los Angeles' Ontario airport operating as the primary hub. Explore a route map by clicking here.

ExpressJet's in-flight magazine will feature monthly Athletic-Minded Traveler columns with advice and recommendations for highlighted cities.

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