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Athletic-Minded Traveler Weekend Roundup. Healthy fun.

In our line of work, activity is business. In our line of work, activity is FUN. In our line of work, activity means health, camaraderie, and memory making. 

We "do" versus "watch". We get out and move. And our moves vary as a team. This weekend was a perfect example.

Newest team member Katelyn earned a 1/2 marathon PR. I mean just look at that face! Can you say happy? Grant it, she wasn't too excited the night before, and the race course had changed, and there was her 2-year old son to think about...But rise and shine and go. 

New PR.  Memory made.

Katelyn texted post race, "NEW PR!!! Powered by Bonk!" Clearly a match made. The Athletic-Minded Traveler Team has been testing Bonk Breaker's new hydration packets along with the California based company's Energy Chews.  We recommend both.

Katelyn isn't the only AMT member that moved. I practiced 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga and then took a NAW -- that would be a neighborhood appreciation walk. It's a power walk, but a walk. And we are blessed to live in a fabulous neighborhood brimming with beauty in both architecture and flora. I take a similar route each time, with about four path "twists" to keep it interesting. I also refer to it as my "nooks & crannies walk" because I explore every street, dead-end path, and even the alleys!

Our Editor in Chief Jim took to his cycle for a spin around Mission Bay. The ocean's blue lures, and the ability to encounter varied terrain requires mental attention. Jim also went for a light jog this weekend and exercised his muscles by pulling a wagon laden with video equipment, tent, and a team bench for our daughter's soccer game. 

We like a variety of active pursuits here. Our media guru, Carolyn, finds that skateboarding is joy in motion. It keeps her young in mind, spirit and happy at heart. She takes to the board any time she can, and Santa Monica's terrain welcomes her participation.

Our yoga editor, Beth, got her stretch on in various ways. She led a yoga event recently, taught classes this weekend and squeezed in a class for herself each day. Go Beth Go. Beth travels the world teaching others "the practice". Her fluid sequences, soothing voice and expert knowledge are gifts she readily bestows.




And last, but certainly never least, is Dan. What did he do? Well, in terms of brut force, I think he showed us all up this weekend! Dan took part in the Filthy 50, a free gravel bike race in Stewartville, MN. He says it was great weather and great gravel!


So what did you do this past weekend?? :)