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Barry’s Bootcamp has serious competition from a Yoga Studio

Tamara Turkisher contributed this blog. She is an insurance agent, dog lover, foodie and exercise enthusiast.

From Yoga to Bootcamp

I workout religiously and I like routine. My “normal” 6 days a week sweat extravaganza includes a Hot Vinyasa Flow Class, and/or a Yoga Sculpt Class (heated Yoga combined with Weight Training and Cardio), and/or Barry’s Bootcamp, which is a combination of Cardio/Treadmill intervals with weight training etc. It works for me.

Since Barry’s prides itself as a really tough workout, I figured the Bootcamp Program offered at CorePower Yoga would be a piece of cake. Wrong! This Yoga Studio Bootcamp kicked my ass…in the best way!

CorePower’s Bootcamp workout

• The 1 hour, daily workout (6x/week) is based upon specific exercises at 8-10 circuit stations.

• The 2-week intensive workout program involves virtually no yoga.

• Each station is equipped with varying equipment such as hand weights, Bosu Balls, Cones, medicine balls, TRX pull down, resistance Bands, etc.

• Each day the circuit changes. What also changes is the time spent at each station and the number of times you run through the circuit.

• 2 to 3 people work at each station.

• 5 trainers provide motivation, corrections and modifications. There is ample personal attention with a trainer to student ration of about 1 to 5.

• You are always moving. Always. AND you are encouraged to fit in a 2nd daily workout of your own choice—yoga, walking with your pooch, whatever.

• Classes attract a diverse group. My class had a mom/daughter duo and a good mix of men and women. Average age was probably 30 or 35.

It’s fun

Each day, those who completed a 2nd workout are eligible for a raffle prize. I loved the extra incentive, and hey, a new Yogitoes towel is always welcome. The loud, upbeat, music also promotes a fun vibe. Trainers’ “Let’s Go!” “Good Job!” “Come on!” and “Almost Done!” keep everyone motivated and moving. Fellow Bootcampers will also shout out. Camaraderie quickly develops.


Even though I am used to a hard, daily workout, I was sore over the first days—which reaffirmed how much it was working, and motivated me even more. I LOVED the challenge; I LOVED mixing it up from my usual routine; I LOVED the fact that it pushed my limits; and I LOVED the fact that my fitness level improved.

On the first day of class Bootcampers are timed for the number of Ab Crunches, Push Ups and Jumps Back and Forth over a cone, we can do in 1 minute. That number is recorded. Then on the last day of class, we do the same test. My numbers all improved. THAT’S what I’m talking about!!

Beginners benefit too

There were quite a few folks who were not used to working out regularly, and/or who had fallen off the workout wagon. They were there to jumpstart their workout routine. Newbies should not be discouraged. It is a very friendly, nurturing, non-judgmental environment.

Nitty Gritty

The Bootcamp program is offered multiple times throughout the year. The time commitment is only 1 hour per day, 6 days a week. The entire program runs for 2 weeks--very manageable. If you are not familiar with CorePower, visit the site and take a look. Also, Athletic-Minded Traveler posted a detailed comparison of the Yoga at Core versus other studios including Bikram.

In addition to the actual workouts, you also get Nutrition coaching, and daily emails from the trainers with fitness and nutrition tips. The trainers are very accessible. They even set up a special Facebook Page, just for our Bootcamp Group, where people shared healthy recipes, motivational words, comments etc.

If you are a Monthly CPY Member, as I am, the cost is $319 for the Program. For Non Members the cost is $399. So it works out to about $27/session for members and $33/session for non-members. It sounds pricey, but I compare it to the cost of a personal trainer and it’s well under that. I liked it so much that I will absolutely be doing it again this winter. My goal now is to do 2 Bootcamp Programs a year.

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