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Best Diet Trick EVER.

Got your attention, didn't I? But seriously, there is a very easy way to improve your health and lose weight (IF weight loss is a goal).  Eat more vegetables and less of whatever else you may be chowing down.

You don't really like vegetables, you counter?  You aren't alone.  The New York Times reported today that despite robust efforts by public health officials over the last 20 years to increase Americans' veggie consumption, the results are disappointing. I particularly liked this quote from Harry Balzer of NPD Group, a market research company:  “There is nothing you can say that will get people to eat more veggies.”  He is right!

What matters is the taste.  And we have the answer to the taste question:  ROASTING.  And the key to roasting is the spice you add.  I am a big fan of Baron's Savoury Secrets seasonings.  They do contain salt and the salt is one reason they are so good.  They are also expensive at $5 each! But they last (especially if you keep them in the fridge).  You can buy online or at Whole Foods. There is an unlimited choice in terms of "flavors".  We have 3 in our current rotation:  Mesquite (wonderful on potatoes), Thai Curry with Peanut, and Lemon Herb with Thyme.

Baron's Savoury Secrets

How to get started:   Start with broccoli or baby broccoli (broccoli rabe) and experiment with the seasonings.  You can even start by simply using salt and pepper. 


  • Preheat oven to 425
  • Cover a large roasting pan or cookie sheet type pan in foil.
  • Spray foil with non-stick spray or olive oil
  • Chop your veggies and lay out in a single layer on pan
  • Spray veggies with non-stick spray or olive oil
  • Season
  • Roast for 12-15 minutes on middle rack
  • Check veggies. If they are browing, they may be done. If not, stir and roast some more.

Other Hints

  1. Spread very thinly sliced onion atop veggies and sprinkle with grated Parmesan.  When the Parmesan cooks/browns, it is VERY tasty.
  2. Toss the veggies with spray/olive oil and seasoning in a bowl before putting on roasting pan for more evenly distributed seasoning.
  3. Throw on some of Trader Joe's roasted corn salsa for a Mexican flavor
  4. Cauliflower also works well for roasting. Even kale, chard and brussels sprouts (chop them first).
  5. Roasted veggies are super good on top of a big salad.  Add some chicken, feta, a handful of almonds and a sensible dressing, and you have a meal.

Bottom Line:  If you eat more veggies (cooked in a healthy manner) in place of whatever else, you will improve your health and possibly lose weight. Consider that one cup of cooked broccoli has about 60 calories and a load of nutrients.  If you perfect roasting, you will love your veggies and filling up on them will be easy.

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