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Put my vote in for a college football playoff. Enough of these boring bowls with games that really don't mean anything other than a 5th ranked team losing to a 10th ranked team. At least tonight's game between Florida State and Penn State is a close contest. Until now, the other games would make Bear Bryant roll over in his grave and put hyper four year toddlers asleep. Notre Dame proved it didn't deserve a BCS bid, Oregon demonstrated the same lackluster skill in the Holiday, and you know you won't be able to tell me who won what in a month.

BCS got lucky this year, really lucky with their dream matchup of USC vs. Texas. But, the past years have been marked by controversy, disputed champions, and disappointment. Not to mention scandal and bribery that I'm sure occurs behind the scenes to get certain teams into certain games. An 8-team playoff, or even a 16-team bracket is the way to win you go on, you lose, go home. March Madness will always be a more exciting and MORE FAIR event unless the bowls go bye bye.

Go Trojans!

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