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Burning mouth follow-up. STOP ordering anything EXTRA HOT.

About 3 weeks ago I posted about my wake-up call at the Doc's office. It has been documented that drinking very hot beverages (over 158 degrees) is DANGEROUS and ups the probability of mouth cancer over 8 times! If you missed the previous post, click here to read it.

I've been drinking wicked hot coffee and tea for least 8. So when I went to the specialist and learned that my mouth and uvula demonstrated serious damage, I was shocked. BUT, 3 weeks later and after stringently monitoring the temperature of my drinks, I am on the mend.

First, my uvula was in the clear, which had been the most worrisome part of the last exam. The Doc told me that if it didn't heal by the time of my follow-up appointment, I would need to have a biopsy.

Second, the rest of my mouth, while still looking a little "off" was better. Good news.

I will go back in 6 months. But, I have permanently changed my habits. Nothing like hearing "cancer" to motivate change. Hmmm, so I guess it wasn't the milk "skim" that was sticking to the roof of my mouth. Nope, I think it was a layer of my skin--burned. Yep, gross.

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