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Chicago Honks No to Foie Gras

Yes, it's now official, travelers to the Windy City will no longer find Goose/Duck liver on the menus of their favorite snooty dining establishment. Darn!

We would give kudos to the Chicago city council for passing this edible edict if their basis for the ban had something to do with encouraging healthier eating--afterall, foie gras is comprised of 80% fat.

Ahhh, but the aldermen cannot cite artery clogging concerns as a rationale since liver lovers would cry "fowl" once the legislators headed out to lunch for a hot dog, deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwich, or bratwurst--all local favorites of da fans of da Bears, Bulls, Sox, and Cubs (as a born/bred Chicagoan, I can attest). Instead, the aldermen have banned the bird-meat because of animal rights concerns. (To produce foie gras, geese and ducks are overfed to enlarge their livers.)

Granted, this doesn't sound very humane. But, do you think a fish feels any better with a hook in its mouth or gasping for water while in a cooler? When was the last time you heard of a slaughterhouse that treated cows like guests at the Four Seasons? And, how many chicken heads do you need to see cut off before you realize that chopping isn't very pleasant?

My point simply (as someone who dislikes foie gras) is that creating food for us to eat is a dirty business--no matter the animal. And deeming one elimination process as being less civil than another among the major meats seems quite...well, "quack-ish."

Actress Loretta Switt, an animal rights activist who testified at a committee hearing for the ordinance's passage, passionately compared the force feeding of geese and ducks to the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Need I say more?

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