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Christmas in Southern California

My wife and I moved out to San Diego 4 years ago and we love, love, love living here 51 weeks out of the year. But during that 7 day period from Dec. 25 through Jan. 1, I think I'm realizing that I rather be somewhere else. As someone who grew up celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays in the midst of Chicago's taxing winters, colorful lights wrapped around a Palm tree just don't seem right. Call me crazy, but as I learn of the snow falling and the thermometer dropping in the Midwest and most cities across the U.S., I become envious of the locals this time of year. For therapy, I get on my bike and ride a few hours in the SoCal 70 degree sunshine. But, I still find myself longing for the white dusted lawn, the cozy fire in the living room and the comfy layers of clothing. Of course, come January 2nd, my mindset returns to thinking how wonderful it is to swim outdoors and to have little use for a shovel.

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