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Comfort Food Cop-Out

I feel vindicated. For the last couple of years, I have bristled, grumbled and ranted about all the new "gourmet comfort food" restaurants.  It seems that every time a new place opened, the menu catered to this new food trend. For healthy eaters, those who are skilled cooks, and for those who lean toward clean food, these menus offer little.

So when the May issue of Cooking Light Magazine echoed my annoyance, I was elated.  "Luxurious versions of homey dishes have now become a cliche in urban American life--a widespread but phony (and fattening) oversimplification of the pleasures of food."  The author, Stephen Marche continues later in his fabulous article that, "Comfort food on most menus makes chefs' jobs easier, giving them cover to cook food with lots of fat. But fatty foods ultimately makes us feel worse, more anxious, less satisfied."  Amen!

Seriously, what is so challenging about making something fried taste good? Load in some cream and butter, and voila, gourmet cuisine. NOT.  The real challenge is creating healthy cuisine that is to "die for." It can be done and often is.  

Take the challenge chefs: Cook for life. It does NOT mean giving up any pleasure. Americans are fat enough already.  Read the entire article here.

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