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Congrats to Ironman Lottery Winner & AMT-er Scott Sarran

Athletic-Minded Traveler subscriber, H. Scott Sarran, can no longer say he's never won anything. Be careful what you wish for Scott...Ironman just released its lottery winners and Scott is on the list. Congrats! Be sure to tell your wife and kids that they'll likely never see you this summer!

Congratulations to all the other lottery winners as well. Some hard core triathletes "poo poo" the lottery as an undeserved welfare-like program--the argument goes something like, "they didn't earn their spot so why are they allowed to compete at a World Championship when everyone else had to qualify?" But, we beg to differ. Some triathlon-lovers out there, like Scott Sarran, hold down 60-80/hour week year-round jobs (Scott is a physician and medical director) that make it next to impossible to find enough time to train and qualify for Kona--especially if you want to see your kids. And, we believe, with enough free time to train, almost anyone can qualify for Kona. That's one of the reasons why teachers (who have summers off) are commonly on the roles of qualifiers.

Why not let a few others share the Kona experience with their family and friends each year?

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