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Detox Strategy #1

It's that time of year again, when we read/hear about the latest and greatest hangover cures.

But Athletic-Minded Travelers don't get hangovers, do we? Well maybe some of us do, but only because all that athleticism has made us permanent light-weights. So in the event you find yourself in need of an energy boost or efficient means of detoxing, consider sweating and then re-hydrating with distilled water.

Surprisingly, there is quite a bit of fuss regarding what water type is best for daily consumption. One school of thought purports that drinking distilled water only can be dangerous over time. These folks argue that distilled water's elimination of all impurities AND minerals (namely calcium and magnesium), renders it acidic and that this acidity can be harmful over the long-haul.

Distilled supporters consider this argument hogwash and counter that even very hard water only provides 10% to 15% of the USRDA of these key minerals. And by the time you figure in whatever else has been chowed down during the day, there are plenty of minerals being added to the stomach mix.

Fasting and drinking only distilled water may not be such a bright idea; however, chugging the distilled stuff when you're feeling a little off your game from too much fun is a way to draw out toxins quick. With no minerals or impurities distracting it, distilled can focus on what you need...erasing last night's impurities.

Distilled may only offer a slight edge over regular water, but anything to shorten the hangover time...


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Yes, RO is reliable...but

Yes, RO is reliable...but other filtration techniques such as ozonation can actually be harmful...the byproduct, bromate, actually contaminated Coke's Dasani water years ago...I don't think anyone died, but lots of people were really sick.

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