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We can all agree that drugs will always be a part of sports, right? No matter what rules are in place, someone in the peloton will always try to get away with taking the latest form of EPO, some football players will continue to beef up their bodies with steroids, and some Olympic athletes will take the latest undetectable drug to reach the podium.

Sadly, if you concede that someone in each sport will take drugs, then it is also likely that a few of these "cheating" athletes will succeed in their quest to win and not get caught. The injustice suffered by the "losing" athlete playing by the rules and not taking drugs, in my opinion, is a great tragedy. So significant, in fact, that I believe athletes in all sports should be allowed to take any drugs they choose. Legalize everything and let athletes make the choice of whether they want to inject their bodies with something that may create short term benefits and long term health risks. At least then, we will KNOW that the person finishing first in the 100 meters truly is the fastest woman in the world.

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