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Exercise can help your backside in more ways than one

We all know that exercise is an important ingredient to a healthy lifestyle and combined with eating well, it will produce physical results. But did you know that exercise can reduce your risk of colon cancer? We didn't. And we're not alone.

According to news stories only about 15% of Americans have a clue that heart pumping is a colon cancer fighter. Lack of exercise is one of the HIGHEST risk factors for colon cancer, which is the third most common type of cancer! Wow.

The results of over 50 studies were pooled and reported in the British Journal of Cancer. This article from Medical News Today provides a nice summary.

So get moving. Your insides and outside will thank you.

If you're interested in a recipe that contains colon cancer fighters, here's a previous post :)

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My husband was just daongised

My husband was just daongised 10 days ago with Stage 4 colorectal cancer and has spread to the liver. After the initial shock wore off, I got busy and am currently doing a ton of research. With the new treatments offered today, he is confident he will pull through. He had absolutely NO symptoms except for blood clots found throughout his body after just routine bloodwork.The next few months will be difficult, I know, but with all the support, prayers and new treatments, I'm hopeful we will continue to have the happy life we have always had together.

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