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Find healthy Honolulu, Charleston, and Tokyo options in our Forum

Our Forum has many functions. One purpose for this space is to post athletic-minded lifestyle information for cities that have not yet been visited by our editorial staff. As you know, credibility and objectivity are very important to us and we will not add a new city to the list unless one of us has seen, heard, smelled, and sweat in the various options.

However, when we do learn about a good hotel gym, or a wonderful lap pool, or a can't miss running route, in other cities, we want to let you know too. So, when searching for the best hotel gym in a particular city or a healthy restaurant or a health club with a yoga class, make sure to peek in our Forum too.

Presently, you'll find valuable recommendations for running and jogging in Honolulu, swimming and finding a health club in Charleston South Carolina, swim options in Cape Town South Africa, and swim and run options in Tokyo, among others.

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