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Free Healthy Chocolate

Do you get the Athletic-Minded Traveler Newsletter?  We only send it out about once every month or so.  And we typically ONLY send it out when we have something to give away and news to share.

This past month we announced the relaunch of the Athletic-Minded Traveler website. What's new?

  • Better Mapping
  • Updated Content
  • Search Functionality
  • Ability to sort recommendations according to distance
  • & More!

And what did we give away??  A 21 day supply of Xocai's Chocolate Nuggets.  Our staff has tried the full range of Xocai's super charged antioxidant chocolate, and the nuggets received the best reviews.

Nugget Nutrition

Both Callie and Drew won.  Their names were selected from those that replied to our newsletter question about future blog topics.  Callie would like more recipe ideas for Athletic-Minded Travelers and their families.  And Drew would like us to offer Athletic-Minded Traveler information for airports.

To both Callie and Drew, we are on it!  But make sure you are also getting the blog by email!

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