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Good reviews. Ours and others.

Athletic-Minded Traveler has been featured and recommended by a number of impressive publications over the years. Most recently Fitness Magazine included us in their "Fitness Fit 50." Just take a look at our "In the News" section to learn more about what others are saying about Athletic-Minded Traveler.

In addition to various print and news outlets, bloggers and other individuals passionate about healthy living have helped us become a leading active lifestyle media company. And in turn, we also recommend others' products. Have you viewed our Blog recently? If you are a parent who travels with a kid in tow, don't miss it!

Our product commentary and praise are based upon first-hand experience--simply meaning that we are not paid for our recommendations. With the holidays fast approaching, take a look at our favorite gift ideas from last year, and stay connected to see what we have for this year's list!

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