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Healthy Halloween

As a kid, the days approaching Halloween evoked images of large candy buckets, clever costumes and of course the mini versions of my favorite sugary delights, packaged special for the festive event.

Inevitably there was one well-intentioned house on the block that thwarted our path to sugar-induced comas by passing out raisins, oranges and sometimes even mini tubes of toothpaste! That house usually ended up covered in toilet paper the next morning. 

As the one now giving instead of receiving treats, I want to promote healthy eating habits but also feel that Halloween is a time for "indulgence" and it seems unfair to dole out boring snacks that will, with certainty, end up in the garbage.

Luckily there are myriad products on the market with healthy ingredients, decent nutrition values and "I can't believe this is good for me" taste: 

 Clif Bar Z Kid Bar Spooky S'mores:  

Made with all organic ingredients, this treat is low in fat but still tastes like a candy bar. The single 36 gram bar has 3.5g of fat, 130 calories and 11g sugar compared to an equivalent serving of mini Snickers bars (4 small pieces, to be exact) which packs 9g of fat, 170 calories and 18g sugar. Find the Spooky S'mores at Whole Foods box of 18, $12.39 or check Amazon.


 Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks:

 Certified organic ingredients, real fruit juice and 50% of daily recommended  amount of vitamin C is all you'll find here. Nothing artificial, and only 5g of  sugar. Whole Foods carries this limited time only brand for $6.99.

Barbara's Bakery Snackimals: 

Totally organic, low fat and only 8g sugar. Available in snacksize packs and in 3 flavors: Oatmeal, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip. Order direct from Barbara's online store or pick them up at Whole Foods

Clif Bar Kid Twisted Fruit:

Clif Bar strikes again!  Made with organic fruit juice, apple puree and other organic ingredients, this tasty rollup only has no corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils, unlike the "Fruit Rollup" for which it is modeled after. Find them at Whole Foods for $14.27 for a pack of 18. 


Kirkland Trail Mix: 

A delicious blend of peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins and M&Ms. Although this treat is calorie dense (160 calories for a 3 tablespoon serving), it does have 5g protein coming from the heart healthy nuts. Exclusively at Costco for $9.46, 12-pack. 

Obviously feeding a deluge of trick-or-treaters goodies from Whole Foods is not the most cost effective plan, but the idea is to find things OUTSIDE of the candy aisle, wherever you happen to shop.  While I can't guarantee anything, I am confident that handing out these tasty treats, instead of boxes of raisins and toothpaste, will allow you to rest easy on Halloween....without the fear of waking up to a yard full of toilet papered trees. 




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