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Helpful information about dental X-rays. Read it to lower cancer risk.

Parents Magazine included a short blurb about dental X-rays in the November 2009 issue. And since many of our readers have kids, we think this information is worth passing along -- Consider the findings before your or your child's next appointment.

Citing a study by The Journal of the American Dental Association (2008), the cancer risk posed by X-ray machines is higher than previously estimated. "Some" machines, the article states, emit FOUR times more radiation than earlier estimates! YUCK!

Luckily, there are options. Digital technology and F-speed film (NOT D speed) along with "rectangular collimation instead of round" will reduce radiation exposure.

For those curious readers, collimation is defined as: A method for minimizing a patient's exposure to unnecessary radiation during treatment by using a rectangular position-indicating device (PID) to reduce the size of the radiation beam.

In plain English -- it's the attachment piece that beams the X-ray into your mouth. Here's a picture from Margraf Dental Mfg.Collimation Device

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It was shocking to read about

It was shocking to read about the cancer risk caused by the X-ray machines that are used in clinics and hospitals. The radiations which are emitted from these machines can harm our body.

It is good that there's

It is good that there's digital "x-ray" technology today, which is safer than the old-school dental x-ray. Of course, we do not want to risk our children and ourselves to cancer and other diseases.

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