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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Let's get it on! We are here to help you pick gifts for EVERYONE on your list.  Take off the fighting gloves, skip the malls, and any other gift giving hassle and settle into this holiday season. Given current events, we know this is a lot to ask...But we all can do it! 

We've compiled our short list of gifts that we want and/or that we already have! Don't miss the stocking stuffers at the bottom. Happy Holidays to all of you!

And if you don't see something on this year's list, peruse our past years' lists. There are some serious winners. This is the link so you can quickly scroll through each year's ideas. One of our personal favorites for the traveler is the Bodum Water Boiler. No need for a microwave in your hotel room. Just plug this kettle in and you have boiling water for your tea, coffee, oatmeal, or instant soups. We take ours everywhere. It's fast too! 

For the cyclist with no garage.  Keep your space free from bike dirt and debris with this indoor bike cover. The covers fit 99% of all adult bicycles and come in two sizes -- one just for tires and one for the entire cycle. We love that the cover is machine washable.  Velosock offers multiple designs...Think bicycle decor!  $58

For the teenager. Sure, they have their phone cameras, but who can resist the fun of “instant” — and teens especially love and seek "instant" gratification. The Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 i-Type instant camera has a USB rechargeable battery, high quality lens and powerful flash. The potential upside for parents purchasing this gift is that the teen will need to cough up the cash for the replacement film cartridges, and they are expensive at $16 per 8 shots. $100.

For the Athletic-Minded dog lover. Ruffwear has clothes that even the most persnickety owner or pooch won't pitch a fit about. And this is performance gear. For example the "Jet Stream" is a cooling vest that aids in evaporative cooling to keep your best friend from overheating ($40). The "Aira" is a waterproof jacket built for the trail and elements ($80, image below). With six sizes and a variety of options, you can ensure that Fido is as well dressed for the outing as you are.
For the person who travels all the time but insists on having a pet.  You know who you are!  And if you are not already using an automatic pet feeder, consider it. There are quite a few on the market, but our research suggests that the one from PetSafe is a safe bet. It has less bells and whistles than others, but that means there is less opportunity for malfunction. The device uses a conveyor belt to dispense pre-portioned amounts of food and can serve up to 12 meals per day. We'd like it more if there was an app. $130 on Amazon
For the frequent & active traveler: Yes, you guessed it! A subscription to tells your recipient that you "get it." You know he/she wants to maintain their healthy habits even when away from home! And for $2.95/month or $19.95/year, it's a steal. With all original content for over 100 destinations, travelers will find fitness-focused hotels, wonderful places to work out, healthy places to dine and much more. We can also provide the site to your entire workforce...even customized.
For the aging (and photographers) (Over 40 crowd, we know!):  Forget squinting at small magazine and newspaper type, these gadgets make life easier. We like the idea of using them at a restaurant too.  Satechi ReadMate LED desktop magnifier, $25 -- 3.5 inches in diameter, 5x magnification, 8 oz weight, glass lens, comes with 2 ion lithium batteries. Another option is the Jumbomag LED Desktop Magnifying Glass -- not as portable, $25, 5x magnification, 3.5" diameter, and LEDs. Rechargeable lithium batteries and USB cord; 6 oz. Good reviews via Amazon.
For the person who uses their computer everywhere:  Some of us even take our laptop or chromebook to the beach. It's a risky proposition. Our managing editor props her computer on the stationary cycle and keeps cool with this fan! (She has the light too!)  The flexible neck mini-fan plugs directly into a computer via the USB port. Arctic breeze mobile mini USB fan is a gift that won't break the bank. $9 dollars.
For the serious bike commuter: Bike commuting is a way of life for many. And commuters deserve a sturdy lock without the bulkiness of the U-lock and the "carry hassle" that U-locks present. That's where Abus comes in. The company's Bordo family of foldable locks aren't cheap, but they won't scratch your bike frame and easily attach to your bike frame with Velcro straps. What's great is that these locks are secure on your frame -- no shifting, rattling, or odd center of gravity issue. The company's "Lite" lock is less than 1lb and can fit into your pocket! We'd suggest reading reviews to select the lock that is right for your recipient. The 6500 ($120) gets very good reviews here.
For the family vacationers. Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask (left and middle images) is especially kid friendly and wonderful for beginner "snorkelers". This is a full face mask -- "all in one" snorkel plus mask. Other advantages include a large viewing window and large face frame which promotes comfort. ($50+, Made by Subea) Another option is the Seaview 180, which is GoPro compatible (right image). The Seaview has a similar design and is less expensive ($30+ on Amazon), but Tribord has more sizing options. Both get excellent Amazon reviews. 
For the student, athlete, & frequent traveler: This collapsible bottle is cool to view & won't take up a lot of space in your backpack, carry-on or any other luggage. The Que Bottle is made of food grade silicon, so no plastic or chemicals, and the bottle's cap is made of stainless steel. While you can put hot liquids into the Que and put the bottle in the freezer, it is not an "insulating" bottle so it won't keep your beverage hot/cold. The Que grows in size with a simple twist and comes in two sizes, 20 oz and 12 oz.   $20 from  
For the flavored coffee lover: It may sound odd, but trust our taste buds, this coffee is delicious. Grant it, we do mix it with regular coffee. It smells and tastes good. If your gift recipient is someone who orders their java with all the fixings, this is the perfect gift. So what is it? Elvis Coffee Peanut Butter Banana flavor! You can buy it on Amazon for about $12
For any cook, even the non-cook. Who doesn't appreciate the cool design and gadgetry that comes from Alessi? This Twisted Measuring Jug is one of the newer additions and allows users measure liquids with a simple twist. The jug doesn't even have to be held level to obtain the desired amount. The inside of the jug is marked in cups and centiliters. You can simply glance down to check that you have the amount you want.  We appreciate the easy storage and cool look of this utensil. It is 7” high — 5.5-cup capacity. $35 -- various retailers
For the art & design loving skier, surfer and/or snowboarder. This company handcrafts its goods in Bend, Oregon. (Our favorite Hydroflask is based in Bend!)  Peruse SnoPlanks website to view its selection of bamboo boards.  Each is made for varying conditions and terrain. And when it's not in use, hang it on the wall. It is art! Below is the Model A which is designed for steep terrain and a well-rounded ride. This model will plow through varying conditions so you can always enjoy the ride. $850
For the daily commuter who loves gadgetry. Wow! First there was the OneWheel.  Now the OneWheel Plus is here and the second generation of this personal transportation mode gets high marks from the tech review community. While it may look like the original, the Plus is said to be WAY improved. One draw is that most people with no riding experience can pick it up in 10 minutes or less. It also has a "supercharger" that allows full recharge in 20 minutes! A full charge will carry you 6-8 miles and its top speed is 19 mph. However, it's a BIG spend at $1500!  



For the frequent traveler: This is a high quality travel tooth brush with antimicrobial bristles that the company claims eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that typically builds up on bristles.  The brush's bristles are also double layered for better cleaning. But what got our attention is the design! Take a look at the company's travel versionIt's foldable. We've used it on many trips and it works really well. Highly recommend. $6 

For the person who loves to get hygge: These candlestick lighters from the USB Lighter Company are rechargeable and clean burning. By using flameless single ARC technology, no chemicals get dispensed into the air (or your lungs). And since the lighters are rechargeable, there is less waste. One full charge can provide up to 300 "lights". Wow. 8" long. $30 each, variety of colors.

For anyone and everyone who want to relax and sleep well. We LOVE this essential oil that is said to promote zzzs. We take a little sniff before bedtime and rub a little on our wrists. It smells divine. And it's travel size! Bring the comfort of home when you take to the road...easier than a scented candle. $10  

For the feet, body, & any other dry spot. Treat yourself or loved one to Skinny and Co's Raw Virgin Coconut Oil.  We love it. Maybe it's the packaging, or travel friendly size, or scent. Each morning before we put on our athletic shoes and socks, we rub this oil into our feet.  It's magical. Give it to anyone! $8. While you can purchase on Amazon, Skinny's website has a plethora of tempting products.

Feel free to comment below and add your "must have" gift!


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