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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Finding the right gift can be the key to one's least for the moment!

Each year we round up a short list of gifts that we think will make someone on your list smile from ear to ear. Skip the gift cards and the Amazon wish list. Instead, go with your heart. Take a risk. It is the effort and creativity that matter.  And if you need something in the under $20 category, give your favorite active traveler the gift of Athletic-Minded Traveler. You know that's a sure thing. What we are sure of is that our list comes from our hearts. We get no fees, freebies or any other perk. We simply seek to share ideas. #SharingIsCaring. So share away.

And there is always the option for returns... 

Happy Holidays from our Team to yours!

For the sports lover in your life. There's a lot to like about these T-shirts. Yes, they are fun, stylish, and soft. Yes, they will induce smiles. And guess what else? They give back. Love Equals is committed to giving 10% of its revenue to organizations that serve the greater good. A wide choice of sports are available for the shirts, and there are sizes and styles for women, men, and kids. $28


For the cyclist who doesn't mind a little kitsch? This bottle holder will elicit a smile. Who doesn't appreciate a lucky cat? The cage is made from a single sheet of lightweight 5052 alloy and is cut into the shape of a Maneki-neko (Japanese for "beckoning cat"). This feline is said to bring good luck -- which in our minds means no crashes or ugly run-ins with car drivers! $25 from the folks at Portland Design Works.

For the rock climber in your life. Oh what fun it is to have ANOTHER coffee mug...or tea mug...or hot chocolate mug. Yes it is. We can never have too many, and this 12 oz mug uses a climbing hold for the handle. Each mug is made to order and can be customized on Etsy. Since there is a metal screw in the handle, mug is NOT microwave safe. We think it best used for decor -- pencil holder, plant home? $25 on Etsy.



For the commuter/city-living cyclist. The Little Lifter makes hauling your prized possession easier. It's like attaching a handle to your bike.  We also like that the helper won't crimp your style! The Little Lifter is easy to install, weather proofed, sustainably handcrafted from American leather, and available in a variety of colors.  $44




For the female runner who doesn't let darkness stop her. Let her sparkle...and be safe. The "firecracker" line from Oiselle gets glittery when the lights go down! For fall and winter running, this gear ensures better visibility without sacrificing fashion. The line includes an earband, long sleeve shirt, and tights. $20-$72.

For the gadget lover who also appreciates style. Why should connecting be an ugly affair? Your charge cords can speak the language of design. We think Native Union's versions are a fashion find. The braided exterior is strengthening and the leather add-on adds style. Price varies by number of cords purchased. 











For the serious, extended stay camper. For overnighters or even two to three nighters, being unplugged may be just the ticket you were buying. But for those who plan to spend a lot longer in the great outdoors, being connected is likely a "how to" trip consideration. For entertainment AND safety, re-charging your device(s) is often a necessity. That's where the Waterlily Turbine Charger comes in.  It uses water and wind power to charge USB devices.  For some, the 2.86 lbs (1.3 kg) weight will be a deal breaker...or the $199 price! But for others, it means environment friendly charging.

For the urban commuter, traveler, backpacker or camper. Nano fiber towels get some good press for being ultra light and uber absorbent. The versions (small or large) from Matador even have antimicrobial coating that is perfect for the outdoors or your stinky gym! And just look at the case the towel comes in. How convenient and easy is that! The small weighs 2 oz and the large comes in at 5 oz. $20, $35.

For the music lover, especially the aging music fan.  Nuraphone wireless headphones could be called "smart headphones".  Before the music starts, the headphones analyze your hearing to create a personal sound profile, which then allows it to compensate for any irregularities in your hearing. Some have likened Nuraphone to contact lenses for your ears. Postive reviewers have said that the difference is like watching a movie in black-and-white and then in Technicolor. $310


For the urban dweller or person who likes to park and GO! Yes, bike and scooter shares abound these days, but sometimes you want your own ride and you want it to be low-maintenance. This is where the Pedalflow from Micro Kickboard comes in. It's a seat free bicycle that folds down easily so you can take it wherever you go. It weighs in at 16 lbs and has a fixed gear ratio. It's designed for the "last mile" of the commute and mostly flat one! $299

For the long-haul flyer. Yes, ANOTHER travel pillow, but AAA tested a variety, and this one outshone the others. BCozzy's patented version supports the chin and head. The reviews are strong. You can typically get the pillow for around $25, so it's a low risk proposition that could have a big payoff -- better sleep on that 10+ hour flight. The images tell all.

For the pet owner who likes unique and fashion forward items that have a mission. This dog leash from Found My Animal is handcrafted from marine grade rope and hardware and can withstand hundreds of pounds of pull.  Each leash comes with an individually stamped tag. The leash can be used hands-free around the waist, via a handle by clipping O rings, or with two dogs! Found My Animal supports rescue over purchase and shares images of homeless animals on social media. $50+





For the cyclist who likes to look good on two wheels. Helmets often present a conundrum. They are a necessity to protect the noggin, but sometimes we just don't like the aesthetics! Thousand's version ensures that you'll always wear your helmet, because you LOVE your helmet. What we love is the vintage inspired design and the ingenuity of the "poplock" which allows you to secure your lid to your bike (image below, right). $85+




For the persnickety sleeper.  White noise apps are no substitute for a true, full size, white noise maker or the constant sound of a fan. The Snooz White Noise Sound System is the best of all worlds. The sound derives from a real fan; it's travel friendly; and there is an optional companion app that allows remote control and other programmable features. A big bonus. It looks good. Our team uses white noise machines and the one from LectroFan is another recommendation, BUT the Snooz wins the beauty double the cost. $80

For EVERYONE on your, friends, teachers, the FedEx driver, paper delivery person, personal trainer, coach, yoga teacher, hair cutter...Give the gift of a better bar. We often laud Bonk Breaker bars. We don't know of ANY other company that produces a bar that EVERYONE likes. With their variety of flavors, textures, and protein levels, we challenge anyone to NOT find a bar to like.  Their newer Premium Protein bars come with 15g protein, and under 8g sugar with NO sugar alcohols or sucralose. Bonk Breaker uses simple ingredients. The new "Greatest Hits" Sampler Pack will open the door to all that good tasting goodness for $20! Can you guess a couple of our Team favorites?


Thank you for reading. Please share our list and enjoy. 



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