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Holiday Gift Guide 2022 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

By now you hopefully know that we've been putting out an annual Gift Guide for YEARS! (View past guides here). You also hopefully know that our Gift Guide comes from the heart. There are no $$ incentives or any other "perks" that drive our recommendations. These ideas are simply ones that we think someone on your list will like. This year in particular has seemed more challenging than others. Is it just us? 

We are so thankful for this community, our family, friends, and our health. Cheers to you!

For the breakfast lover, candle fiend, or nostalgia seeker.  You’ll want to eat it… Alas, don't! Instead settle for the aroma. We think this nose candy is perfect for the sugar cereal fiend or maybe the little kid inside all of us. And another upside; you can enjoy the sugar high without the low! We found several options for Cereal Candles. The first one on the left is from Etsy, $32 including shipping. (There are many sellers on Etsy.) The second image on the right, which resembles personal favorite sugar cereal Fruity Pebbles is from Amazon. $25


Cereal CandleCereal Candle Fruity Pebbles






For the host with the most or that person who really appreciates small details. Forget regular matches and often boring packaging. Go for these beauties. Perfumed matches will strike the balance of whimsy and practicality!  The "Phoenix" has notes of pink pepper, violet and rosewood. Ember will delight with red currant and vanilla. Another attribute is the sophisticated style from Boheme!$25 and FREE shipping! These also make wonderful stocking stuffer for all the adults!

Boheme Matches PhoenixBoheme Matches Ember


For the iPhone & AirPods minimalist style seeker. We think this gift will resonate with the older teen who eschews a bulky phone case, or for the person who likes everything “just so.” We were certainly drawn in by the style of this iPhone/Airpod charger. We’ve seen the price as low as $75, but expect to pay as much as $100+. We think the Mag:2 Classics is worth it. One simply magnetically snaps-on the iPhone 12/13/14 onto the charging stand, and/or places wireless charging AirPods on the base. AND it will work with any MagSafe compatible iPhone case. For example, there are myriad cases that are compatible.  BUT keep in mind that the holder will NOT work with cases that have a popsocket, ring holder, OR cardholder.


MagSafe Case CounterCourant in box MagSafeCourant Case MagSafe


For that ONE person that is SO hard to buy for. You undoubtedly have ONE on your list. Your odds for gift success are 50-50 at best, and more often than not the gift ends up a) returned or b) re-gifted. Food tends to be something everyone likes (especially if your recipient has others living under the same roof). And the subscriptions from Goldbelly are unique, reliable, high quality, but PRICEY. We favor the monthly pizza subscription. Who doesn't love the Za? Yes, at $90 per month and a 3-month minimum, it's a BIG spend. You're likely thinking, can't that loved-one just cruise over to their favorite pizza stand for a way cheaper fix? Yes they can. But the whole point of gifting is to give something they may never buy for themselves. And what fun to see what will arrive. We did the fruit pie subscription a long time ago, and while many of the pies didn't measure up to our favorite ones from Julian Pie Company, it was a lot of fun trying new flavors from shops across the country. Think of a food subscription as the gift of adventure!  For the pizza subscription, everything from wood fired to deep-dish is a possibility and a pizza will serve four. ($89/per month, Goldbelly)


Goldbelly Pizza


For the tween/teen and/or anyone who likes some body art temporary fun. Go upscale. While you can purchase temporary tattoos on the cheap, the ones from Tattly are better. We know. First, we love that the company draws upon professional designers, artists, and illustrators to create its unique collection. Second the tattoos are safe, non-toxic and use vegetable based ink. Last, there is a lot to choose from including tattoos that are scented, glow in the dark, metallic in appearance and more! You can even have one of the artists do a custom design.  Here are some of our favs. Prices range from $8-$25


Tattly Metallic


For the consummate entertainer/bartender wannabe/mixologist techy AND gadget LOVER. Did you know there is a Keurig type apparatus for cocktails? Yep! Think automatic coffeemaker for boozy fun. These machines are equipped with pods or liquor inserts that, with the press of a button, transform into the perfect martini and the like. And just like an automatic espresso machines, there is a wide range of prices from around $300 to $1,500. Since our Team is mostly beer and wine only, we haven’t tested any of these, but we find the idea promising. Left is Bev by Black & Decker $300; Middle is Bartesian Professional Cocktail Maker $450. (Bartesian also has a lower priced model at $300 called the "Premium'.); and Right is The Barsy 2.0+ $1,500

Bev cocktail maker


For EVERYONE, because everyone likes a little potty humor. There always seems to be that occasion where you need that odd, and somewhat funny gift that is also useful. Uncommon Goods is the place for the unique, and we were drawn in by the Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs. And guess what? At "press time", it's backordered. Figures. But still, put on the "buy list". You know you'll have the occasion for it soon... It's a wonderful hostess gift! $15 but you know the drill... + shipping! 


Toilet Glitter Bombs


For the humans. What did you get for the holidays? Socks and underwear. Now when those socks and underwear are the ones we recommend, it's a GOOD thing! We have two sock brands to recommend as well as the skivvies.

  • First there are the "no show" Ondo Socks Moisture wicking, silicone edges to prevent slipping, plus double toe protection are attributes. The New York designed socks are ethically manufactured in Vietnam & South Korea. Along with organic cotton and wool "no show" styles, there are "low cut" and Yoga/Pilates/Barre socks. Prices range $12+

low cut OndoOndo Barre Pilates Yoga

  • Second are the athletic socks from Definite Articles, a company started by the co-founder/CEO of Untuckit. We LOVE these socks and they get favorite status in our sock drawer. Why? They feel good on the foot, gripping it just right, and they provide good structure and padding, but not too much. Also, after a dozen washes, quality is holding up very well as compared to other high-end athletic socks we've tested. Definite Articles has socks for men, women, and kids and shipping for orders over $35 is free. And guess what? These socks are BIODEGRADABLE! Double win! We are partial to the ankle socks (below left), but there are also crew socks and other "models". Prices for a 3-pack run around $40-$50.

ankle sock Definite Articles

  • Last, we have undies that will stay put during all your active pursuits. Last year we recommended the "no shows" from Sweaty Betty. But this is a NEW year and we recently tried a similar design from Bombas.  These are slightly better in terms of staying put. For your most sweaty pursuits, you will not feel these smooth, quick drying and breathable panties. These "No-Show" hipstsers used to be called the "Active No Show", but NO longer. Regardless, these will stay put and keep you feeling good.  HERE IS THE LINK!  $57 for a 3-pack. AND, one purchase = ONE donation! Yay!



























For your favorite odiferous friend or family member. You love them, but for some reason, and maybe it's just the laundry not getting completely dry, but there is a certain "something" that seems to emanate from their closet and/or clothes quite often. There's help on the way. Aromatic cures come in various forms, and we like the idea of the scented oval from Diptyque, a premium brand ($65). The scented oval is designed for small spaces such as a dresser or closet! Perfect. For those who favor a less expensive solution, there are options such as perfumed sachets, but these do not get the best reviews...You know the adage, sometimes you get what you pay for. The sachets on Amazon will run you $15-$20

sachets vanilla


So how did we do? We hope we've helped solve the gift problem! Happy Holidays!!!

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