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Holiday Gift Guide 2023 from Athletic-Minded Traveler

Can you believe it? Another year gone by and another Gift Guide for our readers (15 years!). For the newbies, what makes our list extra special with an extra special sauce is that we curate this list ourselves and get NO kick-backs or other remuneration for our recommendations. We pick these goodies based upon one presiding factor: appeal!  We even have a couple of the items "on the way."

Our list is pretty short; so if you don't see something below, we encourage you to peruse past lists. Just click this link or use our Blog search bar and enter "holiday gift guide." There are at least FIFTEEN other lists!

For the commuter and anyone who favors a two-wheeled ride. The Scout Bike Alarm and Finder from Knog provides an extra level of security beyond just having a good lock. The extra level of security is via an 85 decibel scream.  The gadget is triggered by motion AND a notification will be sent you your iPhone (or iOS device). And if the noise doesn't stop the would-be thief in their tracks, you can locate your ride via the "Find My" app.   And don't worry, the device can be mounted easily under your water bottle cage for discretion. The $55 device is certainly budget friendly. NOTE: compatible with iOS ONLY. The Knog website does an excellent job demonstrating exactly how the product is used. (There's also a luggage finder and alarm sold.) 

For the Fido fashionista. You know it's big business...dressing your furry family member. Scado's leash and collar set is a design standout! There are several colors to choose from along with two sizes. The vegetable-tanned leather comes from Tuscany and the leashes/collars are handcrafted in Sweden and soft! $100 for a set.

For those living in a smaller space that need to store their cycle indoors. It's never easy. The security of keeping your bike inside matched against the pain of seeing it, possibly  tripping over it, AND schlepping it each time of use. A possible solution to some of the pain? The wall. The key is to have a rack that can handle your bike’s weight and allows you to store it vertically or horizontally. The Cyloc Solo meets these criteria with a welcome pop of color and rubber pads that protect the paint job. Another design bonus is the small hollow space where you can stash your keys, gloves or whatever.  AND it has holes to accommodate a U-lock. It’s not cheap. $70-$100 (depending on deals).

For the fitness fiend who prefers a low maintenance, yet stylish, way to get moving. We are already fans of Bala’s weighted arm bands/bracelets, so it's not too surprising that the company's weighted jump rope appeals. This rope is more "techy" than many others with its “length locking” system.  The super soft silicone handles are weighted at 1/2 lb each and the rope comes with an extra rope. We also appreciate how Bala provides use suggestions beyond the jumping. $55

For the teen who wants a tattoo, but YOU know better.  Studies show that making any permanent decision before the brain stops growing (25'ish) is NOT a good idea; and that includes a tattoo. Also, did you know that roughly 33%, or 28 million Americans, have at least one tattoo that they are dissatisfied with or don’t like? AND the search term "tattoo removal" has surged in the last years. Okay, off the soapbox... So in the meantime, consider a product from Inkbox such as the fine tip tattoo marker.  Marker designs last 1-2 weeks and a glove is included in the kit! Inkbox is a leader in temporary tattoos with fabulous, teen approved, designs. Buy just one marker ($15-$20) or get the set $55-$75.

For the picnicker, wine enthusiast or someone who likes to tote their fav water bottle. Aplat delivers with this ergonomically pleasing wine tote that has room for your on-the-go snacks. The totes come in varying colors and in 1-bottle or 2-bottle versions -- that's where the "room for snacks" comes in! The cotton canvas is machine washable and the shoulder strap adjustable. Aplat has other carriers too! $28-$40

For the kid(s)…To be a kid again… We love the design and functionality of the 100% waterproof/weatherproof Children's Haus. If you’ve got the space, we think this baby completely beats those other kid-style tents/forts. (We had one, FYI.) This playhouse is made from washable and durable recycled plastic that kids can color and decorate endlessly. Wait, guests on the way? Don’t worry, it folds neatly into a rectangle. $260 and free shipping! 

For the music LOVING boarder/skier. Don’t risk losing your airpods as you swish through the snow. These decrease that risk, and the audio is high quality. While the below model from Outdoor Tech costs $130, Amazon has cheaper versions and often a deal on this model! Outdoor Tech makes its version for ski helmets, but they also have a truly wireless snow helmet audio system too, for about $230. BIGGEST ISSUE: Will the recipient’s helmet accommodate whatever version you select? We asked the company and they relayed that, “The CHIPS are compatible with any helmet with audio pockets, so confirm with that the helmet has audio pockets.” $130


Bonus content!

For the reader in your life.  Yes another clip on light, but this one promises to be better. It's rechargeable, has adjustable brightness levels, and uniquely, three lighting modes (amber, breeze and precise). We read about the light from a reviewer on another site and checked it out. Amazoners love it and we've ordered two! $20/two-pack.

For the wine lover. Many wines are not screw tops. (We like many that are. Helllo Ferrari-Carano.) So, when we have foil to cut, we've been annoyed by the uselessness of many foil cutters. They just don't get the job done quickly or easily.  This foil cutter promises to be a winner. We haven't tried it yet, but one is on the way! Simply slide over the neck of bottle, press button and turn. It's made of stainless steel and the WMF brand is well known. Amazon even notes that customers don't return this item! Ha! $25+

For those who like to hydrate in a tasty way. Just try it. A while back Zico discontinued its Chocolate Coconut Water. It was a Team staple. And while we were sort of able to create our own version, we were elated when Zico returned it to the market. We LOVE this beverage. We tend to sip on one over 3-4 mornings. YUM! Available on Amazon for $25/case.

Happy Holidays!

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