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Hotel Central Reservation Systems are Unhelpful

Pet Peeve Alert!

When deciding on a hotel, often I will call the property's direct/local number for answers to specific room and/or amenity questions. It seems that more and more often the local properties are anxious to transfer me to a central reservations person who does not work on-site. In fact, these people are often hundreds or thousands of miles away inside a cubicle-filled service center or working from a home office.

If I am calling a San Francisco hotel to ask questions about that particular property, I expect to have a conversation with a San Franciscan who works inside the hotel I'm considering staying at. Although Margaret in Birmingham may be very cordial, 9 times out of 10 she will either not have the answers I need or take 5 minutes to uncover the detail on her hotel sheet.

Local hotels, please do not transfer me to a central reservation operator! Lately, I've been calling the Sales Manager's office directly. That seems to be getting better results.

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