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How lucky am I?

I am not sure how my "lucky thing" evolved. Throughout my life I have always seen and actually really believed that certain things were a sign of good luck.  

  • I always stop to pick up a "heads up" penny lying on the ground and make a wish. 
  • Contrary to popular belief (maybe because I grew up in the Southern Hemisphere), black cats are one of the ultimate lucky symbols. Should one happen to run across my path, I think only good things are in store for me. 
  • Gekko lizards, the presence of a Gekko in my Kona, Hawaii, lodgings when I went over to race the Ironman World Championships was always a sign of a good race to come.
  • Spiders, yes they too are on my list of 'signs' that bring good fortune. I never kill them when I find them in the house, just move them outside where they belong.  

So how lucky is 2006 shaping up to be? Well just last week, I unknowingly was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider (not good I now understand). I have no idea when/where the painless bite happened, but my best guess is that the ornery sucker poisoned me while walking the dog through the trails near my home.

Ignoring the bite (mistake #1), scratching it (mistake #2), and exercising profusely (mistake #3), caused my wound and overall health to deteriorate in a hurry. First, Urgent Care, then a trip to the Emergency room, and finally, rounds of potent antibiotics were put into my body as my leg swelled to an unbelievable size. I literally had to hop around on one leg for days before my condition thankfully came under control.

Now, a week later I can finally walk normally and can actually think about getting back to light exercise. Whew! Ever the optimist, what can I take away from this scary experience other than a lesson to never ignore, or pick, a swelling insect bite again? 2006 will be a lucky year, as I have been personally anointed by a purveyor of good fortune.

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