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I propose Hotel Sheet wars

Much to the benefit of travelers everywhere, hotel chains have gone head to head over which offers the best sleeping experience.

You have likely tested out one of the many sleep systems out there: "Heavenly", "Cloud Nine", "Sweet Sleeper", "Simply Smart", "Comforts of Home", "Elite Dreamer", etc. These clever marketing terms refer to various iterations of pillow-top bedding, adjustable firmness, mattress thickness, quilting, sheet numbers and thread counts.

What they do NOT refer to is NOISE.

Let me explain. On a recent out of town trip we stayed at a very nice (and moderately priced) all-suites hotel. The hotel advertises plush robes, turn-down service, feather pillows and hypo-allergenic coverings. And to their credit all of these amenities were appreciated. However, the sheets were noisy. Any overnight movement by me or my husband would awaken the other. Actually, my own movements woke me up. I'm not sure if hotels are starching the sheets or what the deal is. What I do know is that this is not the first time that my sleep has been interrupted by noisy sheets.

The noise effect is not limited to low thread-count sheets either. I had the same experience at a very posh Beverly Hills hotel that advertised thread counts in the upper 300s. Note to sheet buyers: thread count does not guarantee softness. I learned this lesson the hard way. had an amazing deal on high thread count sheets. I took the bait and was later sorry. After one wash, not only did the sheets shrink, but they also pilled...canceling out the softness effect.

In fact, I think the best sheets we have don't even list the thread count. They are soft and make NO noise. I found them the old fashioned way: touching them prior to purchase.

So if any hoteliers happen to read this post, consider "sheet noise" as another bedding attribute that you can use to distinguish your hotel brand's sleep experience.

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There have been lawsuits

There have been lawsuits reguarding the false advertisments of thread count on sheets. I admit to bad sheet purchases until I found my new favorite shopping website! Your sheets pilled after washing becouse they were more than 1-ply. I bought a very pricey set of 1000 thread count sheets and they look better than when I first purchased them! I found this website that allows a "touch and feel" which is amazing because the only way to find out is your own touch test! Try going to - - they really specialize in luxury bedding. I have been happy with all my noisy sheets either.

Listen, Vinnie, Erin is

Listen, Vinnie, Erin is right! There's something very strange going on in the sheet world. I suspect it is due to stealth inflation and the manufacturers are substituting cheaper materials or techniques in an attempt to keep prices low. This noise factor hasn't just ended up in sheets. One of my husband's pairs of pants has it - it's ridiculous the way you can hear him coming. And I tried to return a couple of Company Store comforters because they kept waking us up but Company Store refused. So I will never buy anything from them again. And once again, just yesterday I've fallen into the trap: 1000 count sheets under Bloomingdale's name, half off. Ugh! How could I be so stupid? You obviously haven't had the experience of your bedding waking you up everytime you move, but it's really unpleasant. Much worse than horrific traffic noise outside your window...

Ok... I always appreciate the

Ok... I always appreciate the tips and insights i read off this site but after reading the "noisy sheets" posting... I really have to say...if this is the only issue your dealing with while travelling around the country...Life is Good! How noisy can sheets be that they wake you up from a sound sleep? Were they made out of aluminum foil? I remember when hotel complaints revolved around blaring traffic outside or flashing neon lights outside your room... but noisy sheets? C'mon. Just sign up for a 1/2 ironman and jump back into that bed that will sleep fine...noisy sheets and all :-)

Have to run...the clicking of my keyboard is disturbing the folks nearby.

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