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Ignorance is bliss

Somtimes not knowing what is in something is a good thing. My brother for instance loves margaritas. Nothing is better than a night out with a few Cadillacs. One, two, three maybe four.

My brother also lifts weights and runs a little. He can't figure out why he the small rubber tire around his waist is inflating. Hmmm, well it could be the extra 1,600 calories getting sucked down. And that is assuming a pretty humble 400 calories per delicious cocktail. A large size margarita easily packs about 600 or more calories. So there really is truth to drinking your dinner.

So of course, being the younger and always pesky sister, I felt it my sisterly duty to inform big brother that the tire is being kept afloat via one Mr. Jose Cuervo.

While big brother did not appreciate the know-it-all email recounting these tidbits, I will say that the margarita consumption has taken a nose dive.

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