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Ignorance is Bliss Part 2

One of my first posts was about how many of my friends, family and colleagues can't understand why their recent exercise efforts are not producing visible results. While they've made a right turn on the road to health, they are frustrated. However, I have also observed that my friends often overlook daily calorie splurges.

How can something called a "grande chocolate brownie frappuccino with whip" possibly be sensible...especially since most of us do not allocate the 500+ calories in one of these tasty shakes to a "meal" category. But labels can be misleading. A "low-fat" blueberry muffin weighs in at 340 point being that NOT knowing that your favorite gyro lunch is 45% fat, allows a certain, guilt-free enjoyment. Or does it?

Ever since I began cooking, I have become more and more interested in how foods can come together to be wonderfully filling, tasty and healthy. In fact, I have found that the more someone cooks, the more interest and knowledge they have regarding food.

The reality is that what you don't know can (and will) hurt you. I think McDonald's has figured this out. While the internet has made it easy to find the nutritional breakdown in nearly all foods, most of us don't make the effort. But what will happen when the dirty details are presented to you each and every time you supersize? Will it matter to you that a double Big Mac delivers nearly 700 calories versus a hamburger's 250? Do you care?

Last week Mcdonald's launched the official rollout of its new packaging which includes the product's nutritional information. The Torino locations will be the first to have the updated packaging. What will the Olympians think? The new packaging is already being tested here and the national roll-out began this month.

Kudos to the mega fast food company, because ignorance is not bliss. I now know that the "chicken oriental salad with warm chicken mcgrill" has about 200 calories (before dressing) and an impressive 25 grams of protein--a decent alternative to any energy bar. And, I can get Newmans low-fat dressing to go with it. Not bad.

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