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Kaidangku - Chinese Split Pants for Kids

Traveling the world is an enlightening experience--sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so good, and sometimes just bizarre.

Kaidangku, aka "open crotch pants", certainly fit into the bizarre category when viewed through my Western American lens.

Kaidangku - Chinese Split Pants

Hang out at a playground in China for an hour and chances are you'll see more than one little tyke climbing on the monkey bars with his "johnson" hanging out. At first, your impulsive reaction might be, "Oh, that's cute...or funny." But thereafter, the logical part of your brain might start to wonder, "Ok, what is the purpose of that...oh, they're really going to pee or poop right there on the concrete...yuck!".

Kaidangku Even in Winter

Fortunately, more and more Chinese can afford diapers and recognize the inherent health problems with letting your kid relieve herself like a Golden Retriever. It's a less common sight in urban China now, but venture beyond city limits and the visible little butts are more prevalent.

Chinese open bottom pants

While Americans often look to Asia for their next trend (sushi, yoga, learning Mandarin, etc.), something tells me Kaidangku will not quite catch on here. Although, come to think of it, an adult version may make it much easier to poop or pee during an Ironman Triathlon event. Maybe I'll pitch the idea to Nike?

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You say "Fortunately, more

You say "Fortunately, more and more Chinese can afford diapers" - no it is VERY unfortunate. First, because 1 baby grown with diapers costs the life of 10 big trees.
Second, when groing with it's own waste in the pants, the baby associates the bottom part of the body with something filthy, unclean, shameful. Hence the shame in our western civilization to talk anything related to pooping or the elimination organs. In fact, when people in America want to insult somebody they call him "asshole" - in their mind the elimination organs are filthy. Why? Because once when they were kids, unlikely this chinese kid on the photo, they were forced to stay in their urine and feces and carry them around... That is why you can see open public toilets only in China ( - people feel no shame to look at each other pooping, as they do not associate it with something shameful or dirty...

As previous poster mentioned,

As previous poster mentioned, the key is to provide the child with an appropriate place to eliminate. Why on earth would anyone want to sit in their own waste all day? I've been peed on by my baby, and you'd bet your rear end the moment I felt wet I handed the baby off and changed my clothes. Since practicing EC, my child refuses to pee in a diaper - he whines or cries until I take him to an appropriate receptacle, and he's 5 months old. Even he knows better.

Actually, they have caught on

Actually, they have caught on here already. its called EC or elimination communication and there's growing interest amoung the parenting community as an alternative to making your kids sit around in wet & dirty diapers all the time - yuck! The trick is to give your child an alternative location to go ie a potty or toilet. children raised with this method cry out or crawl towards the potty when they need to go instead of sitting around in it. talk about unsanitary - yuck again!
FYI split crotch pants have also caught on in mountaineering, kayaking and drysuits for scuba diving.

Just can't forget that almost

Just can't forget that almost 20% of the average American land fill is disposable diapers. Waste that would otherwise compose naturally like in China for centuries.

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