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Landis, A Ride for the Ages

There is no better example of determination, confidence, and recovery, than Floyd Landis' stage victory today on the slopes of the French Alps.

After his nutrition and hydration deprived meltdown yesterday, I didn't hear ONE person...not ONE...not even his coach Robbie Ventura...give him a chance for a comeback. The OLN hosts, the ESPN talking heads, the cycling ignorant newspaper writers--everyone called the San Diego resident's Tour De France "over", "collapsed", "a disappointment", "disgraceful" etc.

Floyd's ride today (or a shorter edited version with a few nay sayer comments added in) should be shown throughout classrooms, training camps, and corporate boardrooms, as a perfect showing of believing in one's self and accomplishing a feat that NOBODY else believes is possible.

After his bonk yesterday, Floyd said he felt sorry for himself for about an hour and then became defiant, telling himself that, "the race was not over and he could still come back and win." He was smart not to talk to the media or to seek out any free advice from the television "experts" taking pleasure in ridiculing his demise. No doubt along with the thousands of cc's of IV fluids, Landis also exorcised any doubts and mental demons about his capability to wear the Maillot Jaune/Yellow Jersey again.

Here's to you Floyd, for reminding us that belief in one's self conquers all. Now, just don't forget to drink and eat at Saturday's final Time Trial!

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