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Marathon Training w Carolyn Weeks 1 & 2

Let the fun begin!

Monday 6/12 - 930pm - Carolyn, Erin, and I just got back from Carolyn's first marathon training session--a 40 minute walk broken up by a stop for apple pie, tea, and coffee at the neighborhood Urban Grind. I kid...I kid! We actually did trek to the "Grind", but it was a social call and I admit that I ate most of the apple pie, but boy it sure was good.

The first two weeks of training for any marathon runner should start off EASY, real EASY, embarrassingly EASY. So, Carolyn will be running every other day for 30 to 45 minutes. No concerns about distance (i.e., too early to worry about a "long run"), no concerns about pace, and no concerns about terrrain. The important part of Weeks 1 and 2 is simply to wake up your legs to the activity of running and to start breaking in some new shoes--which, of course, Carolyn had no problem purchasing.

When looking for new running shoes, keep Paula Newby-Fraser's shoe tips in mind. And, if you can find a place like Road Runner Sports who will let you return the shoes after trying them out for 30 days (Club members only), all the better.

Studies have shown that frequency is more important than duration in these first few weeks of marathon training. So, getting out 4 days this week for 30 to 45 minutes is MUCH better than 2 days for an hour each. Your motto this week is simply "Go." Get out and get started! It will be easy to say, "Oh, i'll start next week." Then, next week will come and you'll be tempted to say the same. Today is the day, now is the time, and leave the worrying about the complexities of marathon training for later in your plan.

Have you started this week? Let us know! We love hearing about others working toward the same goal.

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