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Marathon Training w Carolyn Weeks 4 & 5

People from the heartland will recognize the farming mantra in reference to corn stalks, "6 feet high by the 4th of July." Back in the old days, before high tech farming, corn crops were thought to be healthy and on schedule if the stalks were 6 feet in height by July 4th.

Well, if training for an October/November marathon, your long runs should be 8 miles high (okay...long, but it doesn't rhyme) by the fourth of July.

Although I am an advocate of training on time instead of mileage, the holiday marks the time when fall marathon runners need to begin jogging a measured distance for their long runs 1x/week--usually on Saturday or Sunday.

This long run will increase by about 10 percent each week so that your final 20-mile long training run will occur AT LEAST one month out from your race date, and preferably 5 to 6 weeks out.

Carolyn will do her first 8 miler this weekend at an EASY pace (not race pace) and it will likely take her about 65 to 72 minutes. It's still way too early to be setting pacing goals for your race and training, just go out and run at a conversational pace for your first 8-mile run and enjoy Mother Nature.

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