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Mind, Body & Soul: Three Reasons to Experience a Sound Bath

The human mind is a powerful tool. It can create something out of nothing. Think about it. Nearly everything we encounter began with an idea in the mind. The value of keeping this tool, the mind, sharp cannot be understated.

With the increasing prevalence of mental health disorders, there is an urgency to finding options that can relieve anxiety and stress. From podcast to talk shows, to books and news articles, everyone is talking about mental health and how to heal from trauma. This is where sound healing can play a role.

Sound healing is an energy medicine that uses sound to promote healing in the body and mind. Think of it like a massage for the nervous system. Unlike traditional westernized medicine, no pharmaceuticals are prescribed. Instead, the “medicine” is taken by listening and feeling the sound. Practitioners use different instruments to “bathe” the participants in sound, hence the name sound bath. By controlling the pitch and tempo of the sound, a skilled practitioner can promote and induce different states of relaxation.

How is this possible? It’s the process of “entrainment”. The brainwaves and cells of the body entrain, or synchronize, to the frequencies of the sounds being played. Using instruments like crystal singing bowls, chimes, and native flutes, one can guide the mind into a slower brainwave state where healing can occur. Like in meditation, quieting the mind allows one to be present and observe thoughts rather than being caught up in the noise of them. It is in this silence that peace can be found.

Cortland playing the singing bowls

Cortland playing the singing bowls

Plentiful research exists on the observed benefits of sound healing. In one smaller observational study, the effects of Tibetan singing bowl meditation on mood, anxiety, pain and spiritual well-being demonstrated clear, positive results. Other scientific studies have been conducted and reveal similar outcomes. Sound healing is not some “out there” method. It's proven to work.

My top three reason to experience a Sound Bath. 

1. Improves Mood

Tibetan singing bowl meditation is an accessible, low-cost, low-tech, intervention for reducing feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, and increasing spiritual well-being.

Effects of Singing Bowls on Mood, Tension, and Well-Being

2. Improves Motor Function

Studies suggest that sound and music therapy can improve motor function for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

“The profound value that music brings to human health and well-being provides a framework for the development of non-pharmaceutical treatments for neurological disorders.”

Music Therapy and Parkinson’s Disease

3. Improves Spiritual Well-Being

While sound baths will not replace traditional healthcare, they can be an important resource for any community. Sound baths support mental wellness in a way that is accessible and non-intimidating.

Effectiveness of Complementary and Integrative Approaches in Promoting Engagement and Overall Wellness Toward Suicide Prevention in Veterans

Likely there is a sound bath opportunity near you. Try it! 

Editor's Note:  Cortland Anderson contributed this article. Cortland is a Holistic Health practitioner who offers sound healing sessions at yoga studios and other venues around San Diego. To learn more about Cortland, click here.


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