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More cities are coming!

Our first month is in the books and we're happy to report fantastic traffic, signups, and feedback! We were happy to see that Outside magazine already discovered and recommended the site in its latest issue.

One of the most common questions we've received is, "Are you going to be adding more cities?" The answer is a resounding, Yes!

Cities such as Toronto, Vancouver BC, Bellevue WA, Orange County CA, Columbus OH, and Raleigh/Durham have already been researched and will be added over the next month or two. The addition of Toronto and Vancouver mark our first foray into covering international destinations--a feature that we plan to expand on as well (foreign cities). These six cities are just the beginning of a constant flow of new athletic-minded information and recommendaitons to the site.

We will also expand our coverage into smaller markets as we grow and metropolitan areas around larger cities. If there is a particular city or destination that you would like to see covered, please let us know. Eventually, we will put in place a voting mechanism that will allow users to have more input into the future cities on the site.

Meanwhile, keep spreading the word! And, thank you.

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