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Night before the race

Here I sit, the night before a big race -- America's Finest City 1/2
marathon.  My stomach feels funny -- almost sick. Maybe i'm nervous.  Maybe
it's the Thai food I just ate. There's a greater than slight chance it's all
the wine I consumed last night (what was I thinking? HELLO, I wasn't!). So
maybe you've been here -- in this place the night before a big race.  You're
trying to plan your strategy.  Or not.  You're thinking about your goal
time.  Or not.  I'm thinking about mine, hoping all the sugar from last
night's wine binge will fuel me to the finish line in about 1 hour 38
minutes.  There, it's out.  I feel sick again.  Seriously, though, there's
something very motivating about getting that goal time down in writing.  It
gives you something to aim for. The trick is not being hard on yourself if
you don't exactly reach that goal.  Sometimes simply having one is plenty
good enough. So set a goal and go for it!  If you bonk, big deal.  There's
always the next race.  Yes, the next race.

The next big race for this runner will come in november -- in America's
other finest city, New York.  I'll be using tomorrow's race as a training
run -- a fun way to get your mileage in.  It's also a good way to gauge your
race pace -- if you're like most, it's probably quite different than your
solo pace. I don't know about you, but I tend to move a lot faster when
throngs of people are hooting and cheering me to the finishline. The mere
thought of it is enough to make my stomach feel funny again -- in a good

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Just heard you kicked your

Just heard you kicked your goal's butt!! Congratulations on the 1:36 sister. You are a force to be reckoned with, and someone I will watch disappear in the distance ahead of me in NYC in November. It's all about our own personal goals and half mine was just getting to start out that run with you. Can't wait!

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