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No more emergency workouts!

It still amazes me just how many travelers make do with less than perfect workout conditions. The last business traveler I spoke to said he always packs his "roller" so he can do his push-ups and ab workout no matter where he is, and that his idea of a hotel cardio session is running up and down flights of stairs. I commend the motivation!

After traveling back and forth from Chicago to the Detroit area for 3+ years when I worked at Bank One, I can sympathize. I packed my Tae-Bo video, a jump rope and a stretch band. However, once I discovered that I could pay $10 to sweat at a local health club, the video and other worst-case scenario equipment stayed home. As much as I need my sweat, I have a really hard time motivating to exercise in my hotel room. I need the right environment and machinery to get me going.

Same with food. No matter where I go, I typically carry a few energy bars--just in case. I would much rather have real food, but real food that is good and healthy. I'd rather nosh on the bar than eat a bunch of crap that will undoubtedly make me feel awful the next day and/or disrupt my sleep. (I do still pack my own very soft and familiar pillow case.)

For me (and most travelers I know), the ideal situation is to re-create the healthy comforts I rely upon at home. I want my morning or evening sweat, plenty of yummy protein and good veggies, and lots of quality coffee along the way. And I don't want to have to do a ton of research to find these things or go majorly out of my way. If I am forced to forsake the workout and good food when I travel, I feel off. My brain, my system, my "mojo"--it's just off. My healthy routine is my friend.

Of course, this is what the AMT service is all about. So go ahead and keep packing the emergency supplies if you must, but we hope you come home with them--uneaten and unused. If we do our job, you'll love working out and eating when you travel just as much as you do at home.

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