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No More H1N1 Shot Vaccine in San Diego - For Now

Just returned from two San Diego county health locations--attempting to get the H1N1 flu shot for my daughter. Shots are no longer being given to kids due to short supply--only to pregnant women. A few of the live-virus, nasal sprays are left, but not many. No information as to when the next shipment of shots will arrive.

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FOLLOW UP NOTE: After learning that more supply of H1N1 shots arrived, I took my daughter to the 51st St. and University Ave. County Health Clinic. Here's the best approach:

The clinic opens at 8am. Plan on arriving there at 740am and waiting in the parking lot before the building opens -- bring a snack and a book for your kid. We were about 10th in line. Typical government operation, they opened 15 minutes late (815am). First, you will have to fill out paperwork, then they send you to another table to turn papers in and give you a number. Then, they take you inside for the shot or nasal mist. We were there a total of 1 hour -- not too bad considering everyone else I've heard have been more like 2-3 hours.

So, don't go to Kearny Mesa -- the lines are longer there.

And, don't wait til 8am to show up at 51st and University...on day we were there, by 8am the line had already become 5x longer. Arrive 730am to 745am and you should minimize your wait.

Interestingly, I was never asked to pay anything -- thought it cost something??

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