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Practice Yoga Anywhere. And We Mean Anywhere.

I am faced with a difficult new reality: I don't have time for yoga class. (This coming from a yoga teacher and Athletic-Minded Traveler's "Yoga Editor.")

I was recently relocated from San Diego to a tiny town in the mountains of Virginia, about 70 miles from the closest yoga studio. What used to be a quick 90-minute class is now a 5-hour production, making it impossible to practice at a studio on a daily basis. And although I can always practice at home, and quite frequently do, there are times when I need an instructor to guide me through a particularly challenging class. 

Imagine my delight (and relief) when I stumbled across CorePower Yoga's "Yoga on Demand" program, which offers a host of classes in streaming video format for your computer. The extensive library features a class for every level and ability, from a gentle 10 minute stress release to a challenging sculpting class that incorporates weights with traditional yoga postures. 

Once you're hooked, and you will be, other subscription options allow you to sign up for as much or as little yoga as you want. For instance, the $5 day pass gets you 24 hours of unlimited access to the online catalog of classes, and the $14.95 monthly subscription is much cheaper than purchasing a month pass at one of their studios.

And since Athletic-Minded Traveler recommends Core Power studios across the country, we think our members will appreciate this additional option!

Yoga On Demand is the perfect tool for traveling yogis who don't have access to a studio but still want to maintain their practice. Now there is truly no excuse for missing a yoga class! 

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