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Pro bikes from the Tour of California

Some of you emailed, begging us to take bike photos while at the Tour of California. We didn't let you down. Take a gander at some of the hot bikes seen at Stage 7 in Long Beach:

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Scroll over and click on the photos to enlarge them.

Levi-less Gerolsteiner was the first team we came across:

Gerolsteiner bikes.JPG

Here's what Team Liquigas rode during this flat, crit-style stage:

Liquigas bikes.JPG

And the Discovery boys (the bike on the left is Levi's):

Discovery bikes.JPG

We caught two Team Navigator chaps heading out to the start (these are really sharp):

navigator bikes.JPG

And, stage 7 winner Ivan Dominguez rode this beauty to victory:

Ivan Rodriguez bike.JPG

Although this was not a time trial stage, we did spot a couple sick time trial bikes. One in the Team Discovery pit:

discovery tt.JPG

And, one set up for Credit Agricole--can you see the smoke coming off the tires?:

look time trial bike.JPG

Alas, back to reality and the 4 year old bike in our garage.

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