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Quick tip for staying healthy and maximizing your dollar

We are passionate about health and fitness, and when we find something we really like or that is exceptionally useful, we pass it along. A while back I wrote into our local paper (San Diego Union Tribune), about eating well and a made a suggestion for getting the most bang for your buck.

This past week it was in our paper, so here it is:

Union-Tribune reader Erin Kaese of San Diego says it's "a big mistake to think that exercise is the cure all. Anyone looking to up their fitness level and/or lose weight should take a hard look at what they regularly consume. On the downside, eating more healthily costs more. Fresh produce, high-quality meats, avoiding fast food ; it adds up!"

Her tip is to buy healthy foods online or at a discount store. She orders Yogi Tea online by the case and saves up to 30 percent. ( and are just two of the online retailers that sell it.)

Or she'll stock up on Fiber One cereal at Target and save between $1 to $2 a box over her local grocery store. "I hope this is helpful!" she says.

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