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Road warriors share healthy eating strategies

**Editor's Note: Updates made in 2024

In our last enewsletter we asked Athletic-Minded Travelers what they eat when on the road.  We received dozens of replies, but a few stood out.

Ideas for healthy eating on the road:

Patrick writes:  "I travel quite a bit for work and can always find an Applebee’s. I order menu selections from their menu section “Lighter Fare”. My favorite from this selection is a shrimp dish like the Shrimp Stir Fry. I also like their dessert shooters. It allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard." (NOTE: We now recommend opting for the salmon.)

Jill writes: "When I travel to big cities, it’s always really easy to find a steak house. I ALWAYS order a salad (no cheese, no croutons please) with ranch on the side, plain grilled salmon, a plain baked potato (which usually has that yummy salt coating on the outside), and a side of steamed broccoli (no butter please). I have never gone wrong with this order!"

We agree Jill and it is one reason we often list steak houses on the Athletic-Minded Traveler website for our covered cities (100+). It's easy to customize a sensible meal. BBQ joints are another go-to option. Here is a Kansas City example!  

Xavier writes: My issue is any travel with others; simply meaning that my eating habits and timing could be mismatched with the group -- even family. I bring food when I travel so that I can go with the flow more easily. If I start to get hangry, I can dive into my ziploc of roasted veggies or a protein bar. It makes travel more about the travel and mission versus fixating on food.

Robert tells us that her favorite San Diego healthy go-to eatery is "Hugo's" (in Ocean Beach) organic salad bar! We love to pay by the pound for pure awesome deliciousness. Pair it with a Grilled Fish Taco for a special treat...just skip the chips and salsa!"

Maya's Seattle insider tip:  She likes the vegan and vegetarian eats and the very chill Cafe Flora in the Madison area of Seattle. A tofu scramble and a pancake hit the sweet and savory spots.

Here is to eating well when away from home!

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