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Shorter and Smaller are Better.

Think about it, travel is one of the few areas where shorter and smaller are better. A smaller bag is easier to transport, shorter check-in and security lines save time, a shorter person has more legroom on the plane (as do passengers sitting beside them), shorter flights are easier to tolerate, and smaller hotels generally provide more personalized service. Standing under hotel showerheads, sleeping in beds without body parts dangling off mattresses, comfortably driving compact rental cars--all further support my "shorter is better" theory.

This shorter is better travel theory was an important reason we created the Distance Calculator. We surmised that in addition to learning about good places to stay, eat, work out, and shop; road warriors would also want to know how convenient these recommendations are in relation to their destination (e.g., hotel, office, convention center, etc.). Of course, the shorter the distance the better.

So, not only do we advise athletic-minded travelers where to go, but our Distance Calculator answers the question, "How far?" A wonderful lap pool 5 miles away may still be a consideration for a traveler with wheels, but on foot? No way! Likewise, when a quick meal is in order, knowing that several healthy dining options are located within four-tenths of a mile of your hotel is critical info.

If you have yet to use this helpful and tech savvy tool, give it a whirl! You'll find it on all of the destination pages. Simply set an address as your "anchor" and every listed venue with an address will be sorted by tenths of a mile (closest to farthest). Athletic-minded travelers never come up "short" on this site.

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