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Smart OTC Pill-Packing for Overseas Travel

When there's a Walgreens or CVS on every other corner, there's no need to worry about finding familiar over-the-counter meds to help remedy an illness. But overseas travel to more remote countries can make finding a bottle of Tylenol as challenging as running a 4-minute mile.

According to Robert Edelman, MD, director of the travelers' health clinic at the University of Maryland medical center, the savvy athletic-minded traveler headed abroad will pack the following five pills as an emergency supply:

1. A non-drowsy antihistamine (e.g., Clairtin) - for unexpected allergic reactions

2. A pain killer (e.g., Tylenol, Advil, etc.) - headaches, bodyaches, etc.

3. Dramamine (for boating, motion sickness, etc.)

4. Imodium A-D (diarrhea, etc.) - food poisoning strikes 30% of all travelers

5. Ciprofloxacin (not OTC) - your doctor must write a prescription to obtain this one, but it will help the 30% of food poisoned shorten their sickness by 1-3 days

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